OSP Microcheck

OSP is a service company for oil and gas service companies. OSP has been building a reputation for quality since 1988 by working alongside service companies to target, test and treat water-related issues in the oil and gas industry. We are committed to curating knowledge, chemical products and solutions that target microbial challenges in oil and gas. From technical testing to data driven reports to proven chemical products, OSP is always here to help.

OSP Company Overview


2K7 Addresses Premature CT Failures in Montney - Case Study

2K7 Reduces Microbial Load in CT Fluid in Eagle Ford - Case Study

Biocides for Frac Fluid Applications - Application Bulletin

2K7 Long term Study_2020 - Case Study

2K7 Stimulation Fluid_2020 - Case Study

Regional Microbial Community Clustering in Permian Pit Waters - Case Study

Avoid Souring - Infographic

Production Fluid Microbial Community - Infographic

Pro-Active Steps to Avoid Post-Frac Issues - Infographic


The ABC's of ATP Testing - Infographic

LifeCheck DNA - Product Bulletin

LifeCheck DNA qPCR Package - Product Bulletin

LifeCheck DNA Souring Package - Product Bulletin

LifeCheck ATP - Test Kit


2K7 Completions - Technical Bulletin

2K7 Biocide - Overview

2K7 - Technical Bulletin

DB7 Solution - Product Bulletin

GQ123 & GQ123/W- Product Bulletin

GQ2510 - Product Bulletin

2K7 and DB7 Frac Offerings - Overview

2K7Q1 - Product Bulletin

GQ52 - Product Bulletin

GQ510 Product Bulletin

QD 10 & QD 10W Product Bulletin

If you would like to learn more about Privateer Consulting Services and how we are utilizing OSP’s products and services to improve client effiicencies, contact Byron Cottingham at byroncottingham@privateerconsults.com or at 405.831.3345.