Advantages of Working with the Privateers While Navigating the Industry’s New Normal

Our Focus:

The Energy Industry

Our Qualifications:

Access to more than 40 seasoned professionals, with an average of 30 plus years of energy industry experience from the field to the C-Suite. Our diverse team covers every discipline within the industry and can provide a hands-on, implementation-ready team with the ability to provide onsite management.

How We Can Help:

Financial Restructuring/Balance Sheet Management
Evaluation and Management of Sales and Operations Teams
Engineering and Lab Management
Supply Chain Management
Facilities Management
Equipment Management
Liquidation of Assets
Recruiting, Hiring and Training of Employees in all Capacities

Why Choose Us:

Our business was founded on the goal of providing tailored guidance to companies operating in an ever-changing industry. During times of hardship, we believe that it’s essential for companies to not only manage strategically through the distress, but also visualize and plan for a thriving future.

With the ability to pull in experienced leaders to oversee every facet of a project, the Privateers Consulting group can help protect your business during a downturn and make your processes fast, efficient and profitable.

By helping clients develop stronger relationships with their customer base, improve customer and employee experiences, and develop the skills to adopt new technologies and operational processes to keep businesses at the top of their game, the Privateer Consulting group helps companies not only survive a downturn, but thrive during it.

Years of relationship-building in the energy services industry has resulted in our team cultivating extensive and valuable connections throughout the United States and Canada, allowing us to provide accurate information from across the industry when you need it.

Ultimately, we believe that “it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you,” and we’re ready to help you protect and expand your most valuable asset: your company.

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Red Adair



Jeff Jordan

Founder and Managing Director


Jay Jordan

Senior Advisor/Business Development


Greg Garcia

Senior Advisor


John Tabor

Senior Advisor


Gary Jack



Stacy Jones

Senior Marketing Advisor


Mark Malone

Senior Operations Advisor


Rob Jones

Senior Engineering Advisor


Tony Parker

Senior Advisor


Tommie Herell

Senior Advisor


Steve Titcomb

Senior Advisor


Chris Brown

Senior Advisor


Brian Lauter

Senior Advisor


Byron Cottingham

Senior Advisor


Timothy Haley

Senior Legal Advisor


Don Cameron, Jr

Senior Advisor


Larry Buchannan

Senior Advisor


Elmer Reed

Senior Advisor


Benjamin Weber

Senior Advisor


J. B. Ingram

Senior Advisor


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Ft. Worth, TX 73602

Phone: (405) 640-6000