Customized Training Courses

Privateer Consulting Services training courses are created for sales and operations personnel at all levels of experience. Training courses include:

  1. Value selling
  2. Expert Presentations skills
  3. Evaluating Customer economics and KPIs
  4. Sales negotiations
  5. Value added profit
  6. Building customer relationships
  7. Staying motivated
  8. Sales management and/or value-based leadership
  9. Fundamentals of selling
  10. Assessing the competition – SWOT analysis
  11. Accountability training
  12. Account management
  13. Relationship profiling
  14. Handling rejections
  15. Marketing concepts
  16. Opportunities management
  17. Sales calls skills
  18. Value pricing
  19. Job problem resolution
  20. Communication skills
  21. Fracing 101
  22. Engineering handbook

All courses are customized based upon the needs of each company requesting the training, including subject matter (specific products/services and oroperational focus) and time allotted per course (partial day to multiple days).